Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Among the names enshrined in the pantheon of music, there is only one name that stands out among the legends. Among the names etched in our memory, there is only one name that is never forgotten. And in the history of Rock and Roll, there is only one true King-


John Lennon summed it all up best, “Before Elvis, there was nothing.”

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cloud NINE

Despite the lousy box office showing and some critics bashing it to high heavens, I still loved


Sorry folks but I fell in love with Marion Cotillard a long time ago and after watching this film I guess I can honestly say that I still am. She'll haunt you with her voice. She'll kill you with her eyes. She's just a beautiful presence on the screen.

The movie is not the best one that I have seen in years but I'll take it especially in this age of bad sequels and screw- up comedies. At least this is way better than The Love Guru or worse, The Hangover.

Fergie is a great revelation. Judi Dench is steady. Nicole Kidman is as luminous as ever. And Sophia Loren is just Sophia Loren.

Be Italian... Be Italian...

Daniel Day Lewis é meraviglioso. Marion Cotillard é fantastico..Kate Hudson é stupendo...


Penélope Cruz is just downright funny and fiery.


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